Two Dimension Parity Checking

ECE 4532 - Data Communications

Summary Lab 3 introduces two-dimensional parity error checking for an original 30 byte transmission between a client computer and a PIC32 server. The two-dimensional parity checking code allows us to encode our original message with redundant bits to detect errors in a received message. The original message is arranged in... [Read More]
Tags: programming, c code, networking, microprocessor

NMAP Network Footprint and A Recon on Metasploitable

ECE 5526 - Engineering Principles of Computer Intrusion and Detection

Today, we look more in depth into NMAP, a popular open-source security scanner. We are interested in analyzing the accuracy of NMAP, as well as the network footprint seen when using some of its more popular scripts. To begin we create a network of six Virtual-Box machines which consist of... [Read More]
Tags: programming, software, linux, school, server, bash, security, python, kali

TCP/IP Buffered Data Transmission

ECE 4532 - Data Communications

Summary In the TCP/IP Buffered Data Transmission lab we look into sending a large message across several smaller datagrams. Blocking data up into smaller sizes is commonly done on the server side when a client requests a large message to be sent across the network. In this experiment we use... [Read More]
Tags: programming, c code, networking, microprocessor

TCP/IP Data Transmission

ECE 4532 - Data Communications

Summary Today we introduce the TCP/IP, a standard communication network protocol commonly used when communicating over the internet and other computer networks. The TCP/IP protocol guarantees the message being sent by a server is received by a client without error. We will look at a simple application of the protocol... [Read More]
Tags: programming, c code, networking, microprocessor

Gender Recognition using Power Spectral Density

ECE 4522 - Digital Signal Processing

Abstract Speech recognition software regarding gender identification usually revolves around finding the fundamental frequency of the signal. In this approach, we find trends in the spacing of fundamental frequency content for human speakers using a windowed approach. A classifier is implemented based on trends discovered from a small set of... [Read More]
Tags: signal, power spectral density, discrete fourier transform, fourier transform, statistics, software, matlab, programming