In the TCP/IP Buffered Data Transmission lab we look into sending a large message across several smaller datagrams. Blocking data up into smaller sizes is commonly done on the server side when a client requests a large message to be sent across the network. In this experiment we use our PIC32 MCU to provide a 1060 byte message and parse it in smaller blocks of data. We then send each block of data to the client and analyze the transmission in Wireshark to see if the server does send the data successfully and if the client receives the intended full message. We show success in transmission between server and client when our larger message is parsed into two and three separate datagrams with arbitrary delays put in between. The delays are put in to simulate transmission propagation time. Upon trying to send our larger message in 50 byte blocks we receive server re-transmission behavior that is expected when using TCP as a transfer protocol, as discuss in the previous lab.

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