In this first assignment of the semester we simply want to familiarize ourselves with command line tools. We start by learning how to personalize our Linux configuration by editing the .bash_profile and .bashrc files in ~/. Aliases and manipulating the environment path allow us to run commands from any directory on our machines.

  1. Edit the environment path so a hello world command can be ran from any directory. Then create an alias by modifying the .bash_profile. We then switch gears and learn some commonly used commands. Commands like grep, find, wc, echo, etc. are powerful commands that we should know. Specifically we will work with a large data set of clinical EEGs and query for three cases:

  2. Patient Names whose first names start with R and last names start with S who had an EEG in the date range 2010-13

  3. EEG reports that contain the word ‘spike’. EEG reports that contain the word ‘seizure’. We then produce a histogram of the words in these reports.

  4. For EEG reports that contain the word ‘spike’ produce a histogram of bi-grams.

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